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Question by  holdencaulfield (34)

How do I choose good rain boots?

I've never bought a pair before.


Answer by  nchang (67)

Rain boots should be waterproof and have non skid soles with appropriate traction. They should be at least ankle high, and be snug fitting and easy to pull on.


Answer by  cowohhh (569)

First you must decide which length you want to get. Varieties include ankle length, calf length, classic length or fashion rain boots with heels. The most common is the classic length which provides proper coverage in the rain


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

Choose a pair that goes up high and surrounds your legg tightly, you want to be able to walk around without the boot opening up and letting rain drip in.


Answer by  hzcm (18)

Choose a one that fits right. A good rain boot for me would be about mid to just below the knee level to provide coverage against hard rain and flood, just in case. I suggest that you also buy a pair that doesn't go out of style so you won't have to feel the urge to buy a new pair.

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