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Question by  clvincent11 (28)

How do I change the steering wheel on a Ford Taurus?


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

IMPORTANT: If the car has airbags, you may be better off taking it to a professional. Airbags can seriously injure you if they deploy unintenionally.


Answer by  Atil (130)

You first remove the hub cover on the steering wheel. The center of the steering wheel will be exposed. you then remove the nut in the center of the hub. When the nut is removed, pull the steering wheel towards you. It should come off. Then, put the new steering wheel in place of the old one.


Answer by  foxstang (133)

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Disconnect the connector to the airbag located in the steering column. Remove the airbag from the steering wheel. Unbolt the steering wheel from the column. Remove the wheel. Install new steering wheel on the column. Reinstall airbag and reconnect electrical lines. Reconnect negative battery cable.


Answer by  Jennfier (339)

After you have turn the wheels to the left, disconnect the battery. Under the stirring column, remove the two bolts that hold the wheel in place. Disconnect the air bag if you have one. Locate the pinion shaft located in the door opening and turn the hex pinion shaft 120 to 130 degrees and this will release the wheel.


Answer by  sarah702 (22)

Unscrew the bolts in the steering wheel, be careful for the spring relaese. Make sure to align it right or your alignment will be off. Make sure you unhook your battery. Turn off the airbags. Good luck


Answer by  cbaby1 (121)

Turn steering wheel straight as you can so that the tires are straight. Disconnect the negative battery cable, remove bolts from beneath the stearing column, remove it and set aside, pry off the access door with a flat head screw driver, unplug anything that is plugged in, look for the pinion shaft, turn counter clockwise and remove the steering wheel


Answer by  kenny39 (232)

first remove the screws securing center cover piece, then unplug horn and any other connectors you see, once you have gotten all that done remove center bolt and use a steering wheel puller to remove steering wheel


Answer by  mike1357 (126)

Depending on the year of the vehicle, and whether or not it has air bags, this could be simple or very difficult. You will need a steering wheel puller (special tool often available to loan from auto parts stores), but replacing an airbag unit yourself is dangerous.


Answer by  loveulouis (176)

disconnect battery, you will see a large nut ,usually 13/16 or7/8. you will need a wheel pull to undo the steering wheel. just a few turns.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well depending on the year this process can vary. Usually you have to remove a cover, then the airbag, then some bolts, and finally pull off the wheel.


Answer by  John42 (194)

on the face of the steering wheel you should beable to take a screwdriver and pull the front of it off under that you will find a bolt remove that bolt you will need to purchase a wheel puller from your local napa store remember to turn off your airbags

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