Question by  rasikriyan (12)

How do I change the fonts in my IMs?


Answer by  zombitech (50)

You can find a option that lets you format the text you want to type. There would also be an option that would enable you to change the fonts as per your requirement. After you have done soo , you can type your text and verify if you have done the right thing.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

In the message window there should be a drop down box that has a list of different fonts that you can use.


Answer by  cleeze (30)

Take MSN for example, to change the font: 1. Open menu Tools->Options 2. Click Message in the popup dialog 3. Click 'Change Font' button, then choose the new font, click OK. In this way, the font of MSN will be changed


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

On the box for your instant messages is a line for the toolbar. On that line is one icon that has the option to change the fonts on your messages.

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