Question by  nonnylu (15)

How do I care for an Ornamental plum tree?


Answer by  WittleKitty (19)

The plum tree prefers sun, but will survive in a partially shaded spot as well. In the first two years of life, the tree needs around 16 gallons of water every week. In subsequent years, give it the same amount of water every two weeks. You may need to prune occasionally to keep branches from crowding, remove weeds as well.


Answer by  Camy (162)

Ornamental plum trees can grow in more acidic soils. Watch the pH levels and prune in the late spring instead of the fall. Make sure to water during hot spells and when the temperature is consistently above 85 degrees. Use soil rendering products around the root system and cultivate gently.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Prune branches in springtime-as opposed to fall. They like full sunlight and remember to water regularly; give an extra drink or two in hot weather. It is somewhat drought resistant.


Answer by  Jayandra (51)

Its one of the most popular tree used in landscaping. It has flowers both dark and light, white and pink. The purple coloured leafs are very attractive. Its very soil friendly and occasioanl watering is required. It can be used in indoors too. And it can suit any climatic conditions.


Answer by  kumaraguru (11)

ornamental plum tree flouris under more acidic soils and can produce much more fruits and blossomss when PH levels are managed correctly.flowring plums prefer a soil with a PH balance of between 4&7 in order to thrice,use a PH test kit along with acidic fertilizer and addictives.test the PH level of the soil arond the trunk.


Answer by  yadhav (35)

Trim the branches between early and late spring. Make sure that your soil is fertile and remove any excessive clay in it. Maintain a proper amount of pH in the soil by using fertilizers and additives. Make your that it receives enough sunlight. Water your plant adequately, especially during dry and hot periods.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

This tree likes the sunshine, and needs to be watered on a regular basis. During hot weather, provide a little extra water. This tree needs to be pruned in the spring and not in the fall like other trees.


Answer by  UVJ (46)

Maintain a pH balance of 4 to 7 using acidic Fertilizers. Prune the branches in early to late Spring. Loosen soil around root system. Water Periodically through hot/dry months.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Ornamental plum trees do not require much water but thrive best in moderate climates. Keep from direct sunlight whenever possible and water either early morning or after dusk to keep delicate flowers from scorching.


Answer by  boby (15)

Test the pH levels of the soil. Use soil-rendering products to break up excessive clay in the soil. Water periodically through hot and dry months. Prune branches of larger trees.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You should get a book on it, or go to a nursery and ask them how you care for one. Or look online for the answer. But I think going to a nursery would be your best bet.

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