Question by  jarz (17)

How do I breed albino bunnies?


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Natural selective breeding will require you to breed that albino bunny with one that you know have the recessive gene for albino. You still may end up with some of the bunnies not being albino.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Albino is a gene abnormality and shouldn't be selectively bred. Albino rabbits tend to have more health problems so you shouldn't try to encourage them to breed with each other.


Answer by  shil (171)

All albino rabbits are perfectly capable of reproducing. They breed the same way as other rabbits. Make sure they are almost one year old before you breed them. When the female is ready her genitals will become swollen and dark red. Now put the pair in a neutral territory. now they will sniff each other and start to breed.


Answer by  goneforbaorque (11)

Breed 2 rabbits that are already albino since it is a recessive gene. Some breeds(like the New Zealand white)are genetically predisposed to this trait. Keep them out of the sun!


Answer by  poornima (4)

Albino rabits are common like other rabbits. But it needs extra care. It ll easily affected by health problems. My suggestion is Male albino breed with Female one is advicable.


Answer by  mask (59)

This is not something you should try; albinism results in higher chance of health problems. breeding them is awkward anyway; you'll only get one or two per litter.


Answer by  Alliefoster (13)

It is best if the male and female rabbits are both albino. Then the babies have a high probability of also being albino. But if the parents are not albino, then you should find out their geneology: were their parents or grandparents albino? If yes, then this increases the chances that the baby will be albino.

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