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Question by  calweb (16)

How do I adjust the clutch on my Isuzu?


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You simply have to take the adjustment nut which is located near the pedal and adjust the play in the cable. Remember to check on what the manufacturer says is the right amount of play.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Isuzu models have a well deserved reputation as having very difficult clutch assembly to work on. There is a specific kit only available through Isuzu dealers for adjusting the clutch. However it is often cheaper and faster to replace the entire clutch assembly. The clutch adjustment tool tends to only temporarily fix clutch problems.


Answer by  glryry (5)

You have to take the adjustment nut which is near the pedal and adjust the play cable and once you do that you can be more comfortable riding your Isuzu.


Answer by  billie (40)

There will be a clutch cable running from clutch to pedal and a adjustment on ether end of the cable that can be adjusted.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

It is best to get a professional mechanic to repair your clutch as it may ruin the car if it is fitted incorrectly.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

Check the fluid level before you start any type of repairs. Loosen the stop nut and put the clutch in the right position. Once in the right position tighten the nut back up.


Answer by  sohail (3)

the clutch of the vehicle can be adjusted by changing the clutch wire of the vehicle. It might break due to which there was a problem. Whenever your vehicle clutch get hard to press that is the time to replace it. By checking the clutch one can maintained it vehicle in good condition.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You should take it in to have it fixed. I think that is the only thing you can do for it.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Always check clutch fluid in the reservoir before adjusting the clutch. If the fluid is low replace it. Loosen the stop nut and get the clutch in right position. Alternative way is to loosen the lock nut in the master cylinder and get adjusted from 5mm to 15mm.

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