Question by  furball (13)

How do cells work?


Answer by  Jenn09 (176)

Cells work by transferring fuel (usually glucose) into usable energy. Cells contain many small factories (organelles) of specialized functions that help to accomplish this goal.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

A cell works by moving about the body and performing processes and functions essential to life. These processes and functions include reproduction, fighting infections, breaking down carbohydrates, and divisions of cells to produce chromosomes and DNA (phagocytosis, glycolysis, mitosis)Most functions occur after a cell, within their cytoplasm, comes into contact with other cells in a process called cyclosis.


Answer by  richard91 (107)

A cell is an open system that is in a constant transfer of energy and matter with the enviorement, capable of self replication, self regeneration, based on the DNA information.

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