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Question by  brain (24)

How difficult is it to change a car battery?

I wonder if it's something I can do myself. I have basic tools.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

as long as you have simle hand tools and saftey eqipment you can change a battery. wear eye protection just to be safe and gloves incase the battery is leaking acid.simple remove negitive cable then positive. then remove the hold down from the battery. pick up and remove from vehicle .


Answer by  foxstang (133)

A simple task. Remove the negative battery cable with the proper sized wrench. Then remove the positive cable. Remove the battery hold down device (usually a wedge held down by a screw). Remove the battery from the vehicle. Install new battery making sure to install the hold down device. Attach the negative cable followed by the positive cable.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

On most car all you typically need is a set of metric wrenches or sockets. Typically all you need to do is remove a cover/ hold-down and then disconnect the terminals. However if you have a newer car you may have an issue. In this case you need to get a memory keeper to supplement power while changing batteries.


Answer by  Crumudgeon (66)

It is not that difficult at all. Check your manual/online for instructions I have changed and or removed my battery multiple times and no special skill is needed.

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