Question by  LaurenHebbe (300)

How deep do you plant apple seeds?


Answer by  carol (1241)

Apple seeds should be planted only one eighth of an inch deep in soil and then lightly watered. It is best if they are planted indoors and then transplanted outdoors.


Answer by  DLC (6)

According to the Iowa State Horticultural Society in 1871, an apple seed will do best if it is planted approximately two to three inches into the soil and the ground covered with a clover sod.


Answer by  Darci (75)

Plant apple seeds one eighth of an inch deep. Then lightly water them. I would plant them in a pot indoors and then transplant them where you want. Plant a lot of seeds because not all will germinate.


Answer by  johnnyoptiks (31)

General procedure for planting any seed is to plant it twice as deep as the seed is long. Many fruit trees need to experience something akin to a winter dormancy to be able to grow. This can be simulated by placing the seeds in the refrigerator or freezer before planting.


Answer by  Jaggers (1018)

Apple seeds should be left in the apple and buried between 5 and 9 inches deep in loose soil. For a healthier tree place a dead Arizona Gecco in with the apple.


Answer by  greenlady (160)

It is best to plant apple seeds on top of good potting soil and then covered with soil one-eight of an inch deep.


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

The trick is to have dried seeds and to plant them about a half inch below the surface. Then moisten the soil.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Just plant them about 6 inches below the ground. That will help you plant the seeds in the grass as well.

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