Question by  sonja (15)

How can you tell the difference between pewter and sterling silver?


Answer by  Tanya (30)

Silver may be marked .925 which denotes sterling. Silver marked 800 or 900 can be an alloy of different metals but often silver itself is not present. If unmarked, solid silver will pass an acid test which pewter won't. An inexpensive nitric acid test kit can be purchased which will verify silver. Additionally, silver tarnishes, pewter doesn't.


Answer by  Crystal (22)

Pewter is darker and duller than sterling silver. Pewter can leave a residue or stain on the skin. Sometimes pewter can contain lead. Sterling silver in jewelry will bear the stamp of the numbers "925."


Answer by  Anonymous

how can you tell difference between 14K gold and other?

posted by Anonymous
14k gold is very shiny yellow while 18k is a darker yellow and 22k a nonreflective gold  add a comment

Answer by  cutiebee15hotmailcom (129)

Sterling silver usually has a very bright appearance. Very silver and shiney. Pewter is darker, looks slightly dull compared to sterling silver and has a heavy appearance.


Answer by  alexgin (71)

Pewter has more of a dark duller tone to it, as silver has much more of a brighter shine to it.

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