Question by  illdoit (13)

How can you tell if your boyfriend is lying to you when you talk to him on the phone?

My boyfriend is a smooth talker and I know he lies to me some times.


Answer by  scyllatwo (226)

After he tells you what you think is a lie, wait a few minutes and ask him to repeat himself. See if he comes up with the same answer.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

I think guys are way better liars. It is often very hard to tell when they are telling the truth or telling a lie. For me I try to pay attention to their voice listen for any cracks, pauses or tone in their voice changes. Men are really good at lieing so you have to stay on your toes.


Answer by  Elinps23 (112)

When someone is lying on the phone, the following tends to happens. He gives well thought out answers avoiding details. When you ask him about something he just said, he forgets or changes the topic. He's in a hurry to finish the conversation before he gets caught.

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