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Question by  jbjb (34)

How can you rent a house with bad credit and a felony record?

I am a good person now but finding it hard to find housing.


Answer by  patti (29325)

It is difficult to rent a residence with bad credit, for obvious reasons. A co-signer and great deposit are required. It is difficult to rent with a felony record, so coupled with bad credit, it's quite a challenge. Continue to be a good person. Keep looking. You will likely have to accept less than what you want for awhile.


Answer by  pollardshea (20)

There are numerous places that can be rented without background checks and credit reports. however, you can always attempt to offer an explanation as to why your credit is bad and why you have a felony record. You can also provide an explanation as to how you've improved your life.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Your felony record should not matter. Bad credit ruins the day for a lot of people, especially nowadays. When you find a place, offer to pay first and last month up front. Also offer automatic payment (if you can do it). This may convince a landlord to give you latitude.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You are going to have to find someone who does not do background checks. If you cannot find someone you will probably need someone to cosign for you. I know it's hard and people change but felonies do have a hard time finding jobs and places to live after jail.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It depends how you come across with the landlord. Some will give you chance. Maybe you can have someone who is a pillar in the community help you with this. He can be a character witness or maybe you could have someone co-sign on the lease agreement. Apartments are easier to rent.


Answer by  barkley (951)

When you find a place you want to rent explain the reasons for the bad credit/felony or attach a letter with your application. You can also offer to pay some portion of the lease up front. Look for felon friendly organizations to help you such as Goodwill.

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