Question by  arifansari14 (13)

After cataract surgery, I have an odd-shaped pupil, is this normal?


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

During any eye surgery your eyes are exposed to intense trauma. This can cause anything from irritation to ruptures within the iris. This is usually the most likely cause of a deformed pupil. While it's not exactly un-common it is 'normal' in many post-op Optometry patients.


Answer by  MaryJ (208)

It is not uncommon to have an odd shaped pupil after cataract surgery. It is not a visual abnormality. I wouldn't say it is "normal" but it is certainly not uncommon.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I don't think it is that abnormal. I am pretty sure I have heard of that before. If you are really concerned about it you can always ask your doctor about it.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

Ophthalmologists try to achieve a round pupil after cataract surgery with lens implantation. The odd shape of your pupil may affect your vision. The odd shape is due to iris sphincter rupture.


Answer by  Brentdabney (29)

An odd shaped pupil is not uncommon, around twenty percent of post operation patients experience some sort of pupil abnormality.

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