Question by  mubarak (31)

How can you find out your Chinese star sign?


Answer by  Tamy (72)

Depending on the year of birth, one can see his Chinese star sign. This is calculated by a moon calendar, a very old calendar devised by cycles. There are 12 Chinese star signs and all are animals. Every star sign is formed by 9 years with 12 years difference each. Each cycle forms 60 years.


Answer by  tina63 (273)

You can google chinese astrology and receive a number of websites that will calculate your astrological sign and explain the results for free.


Answer by  alison123 (85)

You need to know when you were born and preferably what time and what hemisphere this event happened in. The find a Chinese astrologer to cast you horoscope.


Answer by  amypie616 (28)

Chinese signs are linked to the Tao Te Ching. Thus, five elements are considered when determining ones sign, they're: the hour, month, year and country of birth, and animal sign.


Answer by  gwizzy2009 (204)

You certainly can. If you live in a major city you can go down to your city's China Town area and consult a local star sign expert.


Answer by  visira779 (269)

You can ask an Astrologer or an Psychic. You can also find this information in an Astrology Book. Or you can go online and look under Astrology and you should be able to find out your Chinese star sign. Research many Astrology books from the library that will also give you your Chinese star sign.

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