Question by  blissskr (24)

How can I successfully go about dropping out of society?


Answer by  Solomon (91)

Become skilled in horticulture or foraging, study hunter gatherer societies and become self-sufficient. You will need to learn to provide for your basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

You must establish independent ways to meet all your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, including a way to have a sense of achievement and self-fulfillment totally on your own.


Answer by  mawise (6)

well first drop out of site. then stage you demise. if you live within scociety, you'll need a new identity. then all the survival skills the others have mentioned. don't join anything, subscribe to anything-even under your new identity. no bank accts, credit cards etc. no family. goodbye. good luck.

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