Question by  BigGuy15 (20)

How can you successfully paint over ceramic wall tiles in the bathroom?

I have heard it is not an easy job.


Answer by  becca63 (325)

First you need to clean all of the tile, this should be done with an abrassive cleaner. Next you want to sand the tile you plan to paint. This will get rid of the shine and allow more of a grip for the paint so it won't peal. Oil paint should also be used it doesn't peal as easily.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

Paint really doesn't like to stick to the shiny surface of tile. You have to sand the surface of the tiles first, then apply an adhesion primer. Consider though, if it's a tile that gets wet often, sometimes no amount of preparation or effort will make the paint stay.


Answer by  mbc123 (80)

Since most people use bleach or other stringent cleaners in their bathrooms, ceramic wall tiles cannot be successfully painted, unless you never plan on cleaning the room, as the paint will erase, with the use of these cleaners.


Answer by  klamp (98)

Clean the tile wall and grout, get the grout good and be detailed. Let it dry and then sand the tiles with sandpaper. You can then prime and paint.


Answer by  HerpDerp (91)

It's not easy at all. From experience it is a huge pain and depending on the size of the area, you may just want to buy different tiles. IF they must be customized you will need expensive high quality paint that can withstand moisture.


Answer by  ginevra46 (237)

first,prime with gripper primer.then use a high quality paint like behr and make sure you are using a satin finish.

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