Question by  Me2 (36)

How can I send messages to cell phones without a phone?


Answer by  lvspy23 (62)

You can go through a cell company's website. I know AT&T has a page where you can send a text using that website. I don't know if they charge you or the person receiving the text message. You might want to double check before you send a text message to anyone.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

You can text via your IM or your email. If you use Yahoo, you can text a cell and receive reply right from your Inbox. Skype is also an option.


Answer by  justaskforbrandy (553)

You can use many different applications on your computer to send messages to a cell phone. For example; if you have yahoo messaging, you can send messages to a person if you know their phone number. Other applications that use SMS gateways are: AOL, Gmail chat, Skype and MSN messenger.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

If you have a iPod touch you can download a free text app.I recommend the app that cost Money because you get your own iPod number and it works better.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Some email websites will let you send message to phone numbers. Look around to find one that can do this. Then just type your message and put the number as the address.


Answer by  Campana (50)

Many phones will now accept e-mails sent directly form your computer and recieve then as text. There are many websites that claim to send text but dont.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

I have used a site called Searchbug. com to send free text messages to cell phones. You can do it for free up to 8 or 9 times I think. When the person you are sending the text to receives it, it just says text sent from Searchbug. com so it's good to identify yourself in the message.


Answer by  Kyler (20)

Most cell phones have email addresses that look similar to "." Most providers also have text message forms on their websites.


Answer by  worker6280 (78)

Some providers allow email to SMS for example 2025551212@txt. att. net if you were sending a text to (202) 555 - 1212. The addresses vary by provider so check with the carrier.

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