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Question by  April (296)

How can I retrieve an email attachment in Word?


Answer by  ramesh (17)

At first open the browser and enter the name of the search engine in which you have ur email id after opening go to the inbox option if anybody send a attachment file means there is download link is given in right hand side when click it file downloads automatically


Answer by  kherasakshi (124)

Click on the attachment,click download,After verification that it doesn't contain any virus,save it anywhere on your computer like in my documents or on desktop.Now open it where saved,if it is not in word fomat select the content & copy it,then paste it in word.


Answer by  espraba (119)

Open the email, download and save the word document in the desktop. Double click the downloaded document and automatically it will open in word. On the otherhand open the word application first and try open from word.


Answer by  mansi (521)

open my computer and search the folder with that using date or check history. there's a slim possibility your file still exists in your temp directory: In Windows XP: C:\Documents and settings\your username\Local settings\temp In Windows Vista: C:\Users\your username\Local Settings\temp

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