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Question by  Joe (17)

How can I repair tarnished silver?


Answer by  racheljh (72)

To remove tarnish from silver, use a good quality cleaning paste and plenty of elbow grease. Equip yourself with several clean soft rags such as old t-shirts. Dip a rag in the cleaning paste, apply to the silver object, and rub well. Rub the polish off with a second clean rag. Repeat if needed. Then rinse the silver.


Answer by  cutiebee15hotmailcom (129)

There are many different home remedies you may find on the internet. But I recommend going to any household cleaner supply store, like a walmart, and buying a product like TarnX. That way you dont have to worry about mixing improper chemicals that could be harmful to you.


Answer by  es (61)

Toothpaste will polish the tarnish away. Silver polish is great. You can also soak the silver in a metal pan lined with aluminum foil with baking soda in warm water.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

Silver tarnishes because of a reaction with sulphur, forming silver sulfides. Use of one of the commercial silver cleaning agents is usually the safest method.

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