Question by  ricky (25)

How can I remove the smoke smell from books?


Answer by  Twins3307 (97)

One recommendation is to place the book out in the sun. Make sure to turn the pages every once in a while. Another recommendation is to put the book in a bag with baking powder, close the bag, and shake.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Place a book on a baking rack that will fit in a box. Put baking soda on the pages and close the box. Check every day and renew the baking soda when necessary. If the smell is not too bad you can air the books, outside not in the sun.


Answer by  tuppyqueen (311)

One thing that works is to find a big sealed container to put the books into, meaning one book per container or at a time and then use crinkled newspaper and put that in the sealed container with the book and then wait a few days and remove the newspaper.


Answer by  psychomom (58)

Take books and place in a large plastic bag. Do not stack them. Instead, lay them flat and not touching. Saturate a washcloth or a couple of paper towels and place in the bag with them (not touching the books). Secure the bag and leave for 48 hours.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Wrap the damaged books in a towel and dust it with baking soda. Place the wrapped book in a bag and let it sit for a couple weeks. Also try dusting it between the pages.

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