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Question by  Leslie (26)

How can I protect my grape vines from birds and squirrels?


Answer by  Jas (33)

Try making a frame from inexpensive material like long sticks wooden sticks, PVC, or other materials. Take the frame and cover the frame with the netting over the fruits. the neeting will prevent the animals from coming in so long it reaches all the way to the ground and does not lay right against the fruit.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

We can safesguard grapes from squirrels atleast but birds will do permanent damage.Either you can have a personal watch over the archid or use crackers burst to scar away the visitors.The other mathod is costly but effective.Construct a wire mesh coverage over the full area of the grapes orchid which will help you to put an end.


Answer by  Marie (778)

Many garden centers sell lightweight netting that is designed to protect plants from birds, squirrels, and deer. This netting should be tented over the grape vines and secured to the ground with stakes or rocks. The netting will make it difficult for any animal to access the growing grapes, while still allowing sunlight and air to reach the vines.

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