Question by  Jim35 (21)

Where is a pet store that I can purchase flying squirrels?

I have always wanted a squirrel as a pet.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You will have to check your state, they are illegal as pets in many states, google the National Flying Squirrel Association for messageboards and info. Try looking into Sugar Gliders.


Answer by  PetBoy (5)

You probably can not find them at big name pet stores, you would have to try some small town shops or local pet stores. They might be able to order them or have them.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

Laws regarding keeping flying squirrels vary state to state, so before you go looking for a pet store you need to see if it legal to own one.


Answer by  cindylee (135)

Pet stores do not sell flying squirrels. They are not considered domestic or exotic animals and live in the outdoors in their natural habitat. Squirrels are in the roden family.


Answer by  Anonymous

I flying squirrel as a pet. Can you imagine the pet store that carries those animals. It would be a real zoo

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