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Question by  johnny2211 (27)

How can I learn about Texas unclaimed oil gas mineral royalties?

I think I have some unclaimed oil gas mineral royalties in Texas.


Answer by  WadeLaw (37)

Contact the Comptroller of Public Accounts Unclaimed Property Division at PO BOX 12019, Austin, TX 78711-2019. Phone: (512)643-3040 or (800)531-5441. Physical address: 111 East 17th St, Austin, TX 78701


Answer by  amw (18)

one should go to the courthouse in the county they belive the own property and research the property in question


Answer by  bpreston (1)

My Mom passed March 10th, 1998 & I know she was recieving oil royalties from the oil wells in Texas, what happened to them when she died? They should've went to us girls.

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