Question by  bataclops (14)

How can I help somebody else dealing with jealousy?

I don't want to some across as being judgmental or a know-it-all.


Answer by  danat (28)

You can help a friend that is struggling with feelings of jealousy by acknowledging the feelings, and then talking through the issue that is causing them. Sometimes open dialogue about one's feelings of unfairness or insecurtiy can diffuse a situation and help another to value what they do have rather than be jealous of others.


Answer by  miaculpa (33)

You really *can't* help someone who is dealing with jealousy. All one can do is advise them to pay less attention to the object of their jealousy and more time on themselves. I'd advise them to seek professional help. If you are the object of the person's jealousy, I recommend that you distance yourself from this negativity.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

Tell them that while them may envy the things others have, it will not benefit them because it takes time away from being productive and dwelling on the jealousy.


Answer by  dinomarino (268)

To help someone dealing with jealousy you must remind them to think of themselves in a positive form. If they can have good self esteem they will not have to be jealous of others. Remind them in a non-obvious way of how wonderful they truly are.

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