Question by  Mdrabbit (26)

How can I go about wiring 110 off 220?

I'm not sure how to handle a drop in voltage.


Answer by  Danusaf06 (40)

Typically for stepping down voltage you will want to use a transformer. This is used to either step up or step down electricity (down in your case). Most of them are as simple as plugging in the 220 cord, or wiring it in, to one side of the transformer, and running the 110 cord/wiring out of the other side.


Answer by  JBear (184)

In your circuit breaker find the 240 volt breaker and replace it with a single pole breaker. Attach black to the new breaker and white to the bar.


Answer by  deli (32)

Ok easy enough,to run 220 you have a total number of 4 wires,example a red,black(hot leads) a white (neutral) and a green or bare copper(ground) unless your useing aluminum. Each hot lead carries 110 so what you would do is not use one of them. Cap off one of the black or red.


Answer by  rrazorbakk (62)

You need to run a neutral wire from the breaker panel to the location of the 220 and use only one of the original 220 wires.


Answer by  mani (813)

Make a board up with 2 GFI,s and wire one with one hot side of a 220v cord and neutral. You have to use the other gfi in the opposite side of the 220 v cord and plug into 220 outlet. you should have 110v on each GFI but unplug it.

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