Question by  cash4us (12)

How can I go about volunteering when there is a hurricane?


Answer by  Emr (698)

If you want to volunteer to help in times of a natural disaster, its a good idea to contact agencies well ahead of time. Generally, untrained people might not be all that helpful, as there's no time to train people on the fly. The Red Cross and other groups have training in first aid, communications, planning, and so on.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Contact organizations that are frequently mobilized during a hurricane. Train as a volunteer in what they need and then be on their list to call when needed. Groups like this include Salvation Army, Texas Baptist Men, and Red Cross.


Answer by  Peg (459)

Contact the Red Cross when there is news of an approaching hurricane. The Red Cross needs volunteers and may be able to put your to work. Another option would be to offer to volunteer with your local police department to help get the word out on safe places to go during a hurricane.


Answer by  CrazyCat (29)

During a hurricane emergency many people with amateur radio licenses usually offer their services in coordinating efforts to help people. You will need an FCC license to operate a radio.

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