Question by  Steven (309)

How can I get rid of the crabgrass in my lawn?

without killing the rest of the grass? is that possible?


Answer by  slyamy (26)

Crab grass is a lawn lovers worst enemy.It spreads quickly and the only good way to get rid of it without killing your soil is to dig it up.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Pull it up by the roots with your hands. For bigger, more stubborn clumps of it, use a trowel to dig it up.


Answer by  Darren (23)

To rid your self of the grass weed called crab grass you have two options. option number 1 find a suitable pesticide and apply to it. Option number two you can simply get either a shover or a tool of that sort and begin the long tedious process of digging it out bit by bit.


Answer by  anujgrover (25)

Yes it is possible. 1: Mow the lawn really short. 2: Water it so it starts growing good. 3: Once the crab grass has grown up faster than the lawn grass and is clearly taller... use a sock pulled over a hockey stick and dipped in roundup, and swipe it on only the taller crab-grass.


Answer by  Anonymous

Call a landscaping company they can usually take care of it and the pricing is not to bad in most cases


Answer by  diane (117)

First you need to keep it cut short so it can't seed. To keep from killing the rest of your grass use a natural, safe, non toxic week killer.

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