Question by  sweetmomu (19)

How can I get rid of lichen and moss growing on my roof?


Answer by  Sergej (34)

Sprinkle crushed or rock salt on the roof and either spray it with water or wait for rain. Repeat until moss or lichen has been killed by the salt. Food salt is too pure and expensive; easier and cheaper to use rock salt meant for defrosting driveways.

Reply by conservit (6):
You are right the chemical reaction will knock it out, however this will not stop re ocurrence the only way to do that is to kill, it then protect the surface by keeping it dry. Using a protection system for stone or wood  add a comment

Answer by  Elle (648)

fill bucket with 1/2 water m/w 1/2 bleach - spread solution over entire roof area using thick broom concentrate on moss and lichen - power wash on lo after 1/2 hour - protect vegetation prior to work.

Reply by lindsay (111):
This might work to remove the moss, but think about what happens to the water/bleach mixture when it runs off the roof! You don't want that going into your yard, or local water sources!!  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Moss Buster


Answer by  AnkurMohta (114)

You have two options:- If you have money, buy yourself a clean roof. Spray the product, take out a scrub brush and scrub the infected area keeping the area moist. Take a regular garden hose and wash it off. All dead fungus will wash off with the next rain.

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