Question by  sauvblanc (96)

How can I get rid of flies around my porch without using chemicals or a flyswatter?

Plants? Oils? Something?


Answer by  andaman (240)

I would highly recommed a "bug zapper". those are those electrical devices that look like a lamp. The light attracts all sorts of bugs, and a small current zaps them - literally - you will hear a electrical zapping noise when the bug gets fried. Macabre, I know, but effective.


Answer by  Anonymous

$5 at Lowe's for a Rescue disposable fly trap. You can google it. Works like magic.


Answer by  Anonymous

I read somewhere else to hang baggies half filled with water on your porch and they will go away. This morning I hung some up but now I'm thinking that they don't look so good. I might have to go to Lowe's later.


Answer by  Anonymous

no no be nice and dont make them suffer.besides those sticky traps my mom had up didnt solve the problem it just killed some of them. try repelling them from coming around with spearmint,mint, and basil hanging plants!!


Answer by  hotmess (22)

I hear that pine scent may repel them. Maybe plant a small pine tree or something?

posted by Anonymous
I don't know about flies, but I have the same problem with mosquitos that seem to love my front door. I hung a pine wreath for christmas and they all went away. Took it down after christmas and back they came.  add a comment

Answer by  elsewhen (627)

how about a fan to literally blow them away? or you could try putting some bait somewhere else that would attract them away from your porch. haven't tried these, but they could work.

Reply by elsewhen (627):
on second thought, i don't think those ideas would work. :(  add a comment
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