Question by  momak42yahoocom (17)

How can I get over a wonderful guy?


Answer by  pinkie (247)

You need to realize that you will need to go through a healing process. During this time, try to keep yourself busy and function as normally as possible. Maintaining a semblance of normalcy helps keep depression under control.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Don't try dating again right away. First focus on yourself. Pamper yourself, spend a lot of time with your girlfriends and doing things you love. Give yourself time to heal, and don't worry about how long it takes. When you feel good about yourself and ready to give again, you will know you are ready to try again.


Answer by  boylen (168)

The best way to get over a wonderful guy is to take some time to clear your mind and then find a guy who is even more wonderful than the last one. But make sure you don't jump into another relationship too quickly or you will otherwise end up comparing him to your old guy.


Answer by  fatkid (105)

That would not be hard at all since there is no such thing as a wonderful guy. they are all a bunch of sleaze ball pigs with one track minds. if you find a wonderful guy it will not be from this planet sister. wonderful guys exsist in fantasy only.

Reply by Lynore (191):
You are too funny, hope you run into a wonderful guy one of these days, they aren't all bad apples.  add a comment
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