Question by  chrispap (5)

How can I get my site on Google Page 1?


Answer by  JadedGeek (8)

Great website content, great meta tags. This is a challenging task getting to page one for all area's better goal would be to get a few pages in the number one spot first them keep adding and or altering keywords, meta tags, content of site. Google doesn't actually use keywords their main way of ranking a site is via "content".


Answer by  idiotjones (705)

You'll have to optimize your site for their algorithm with keyword use and being linked to from other sites. You can also pay Google to rank your site in optimally.


Answer by  TomBergeron (66)

There are literally a million different SEO (that is, search engine optimization) services out there that would help your business get higher up on search engine pages. Look one of them up, at least one must have reasonable rates.


Answer by  DaNi59 (3)

To get your site on Google page 1 is necessary for him to be wanted by many people, have many visitors daily, in other words to make him popular.To make site popular , put very many tags to the site for people to find and make them commercial. That's it.


Answer by  leadcreation (0)

Just do regular work. Share your creative idea and story via social media, guest post and forum posting. Try to built good image among your readers and viewers.

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