Question by  mitch (18)

How can I get delinquent credit off of a credit report after seven years?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Reports stay on the credit report for seven to ten years. There's nothing you can do to expedite the process. You can, if you wish, write to the three credit reporting agencies and request that the line be deleted, but they are under no obligation to pull the information. In time, it will "fall off" the report.


Answer by  Ezequiel (117)

The only way to get delinquent credit off of your report would be to make all your payments on time and don't skip any payments, even if given approval.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

First, you have to make sure that the statute of limitations is up for the debt in the state that you live in. Then, you have to go online to whatever credit bureau is reporting it, and dispute it. They have instructions on each of the 3 credit unions websites.


Answer by  John (9008)

This should happen automatically. Often, however, debt collectors will use underhanded tactics to keep it alive, such as making the date of it be when a debt was sold. If this happens, you need to provide proof of the date of the debt to all three credit reporting agencies.


Answer by  538cronk (6)

Negative marks on credit reports drop off after seven years. If they don't contact the credit reporting agency for the report; Experian, Transunion, or Equifax. Identify which agencies are still reporting old delinquencies. Write to those agencies and dispute the negative entries and ask that they be removed because they are seven years or older.


Answer by  gummie (738)

You must check your credit report. If the delinquencies are still noted, you need to write to each of the major credit reporting bureaus to have your credit report updated.


Answer by  mlucas (515)

This is a very easy process known as disputing bad credit with each of the three credit score companies. You are entitled to each credit report once a year. This can be done online at annualcreditreport. There is a dispute process available there to make it easy.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The drop off point is seven years after last activity, which includes the last payment. If it has been more than seven years, write the credit bureaus to remove it.


Answer by  Mal (35)

Delinquent items automatically fall off seven years from first date of delinquency. Example first date of delinquency is 05/01/2000, it will fall 05/01/2007.


Answer by  Meagan87 (197)

Delinquent credit accounts should disappear from your credit report after seven years. This time period is measured from the first date of delinquency which you can view on your current credit report.

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