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Question by  mezzopris (35)

How can I get Catholic online spiritual counseling?

I would like some counseling online.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

There are several websites that offer this type of service. To locate them, go to any search engine and search on the keywords "catholic counseling online". You will find sites that offer traditional counseling from licensed individuals. There are also sites that offer classes in topics that may help you and advice.


Answer by  jaksiemasz (35)

Search the web for some sites that indicate that they are a traditional order of priests, brothers, or nuns. Usually you will find an email address or another way to contact them. Write about your spiritual concerns or questions and wait for an answer.


Answer by  Kazekami (197)

Whenever my mom is having a crisis she says she always looks up the Fransician monestaty online and emials them with her questions. She has also emailed a Ortodox priest with questions. Your best bet is to go online and depending on which organization within the Orthodox or Roman Church pick one and email. They are always willing to help.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Be aware of people who do these things on line. I would check their credentials first. It is best to contact the Catholic Church and find out of they have anyone who can do this at your home. I wouldn't trust anyone over the internet for this kind of counseling.


Answer by  simna (473)

It is very easy to get Catholic online spiritual counseling. First of all you want to find out the correct web site. Search for a good web site with the help of a search engine. One thing you make sure that the individual must be a licensed person. You can ask for any help from them.


Answer by  sharpe72 (214)

There are a number of board certified counselors who focus on catholic and other faith-based psychological approaches. Just search for Catholic based counseling services and you will have a variety of choices at your fingertips.


Answer by  leilich (247)

Many people offer online Catholic counseling. Make sure counselors are accredited by looking for membership in such organizations as the American Counseling Association or the National Board of Certified Counselors.

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