Question by  ally12345 (11)

How can I gain more self-confidence?


Answer by  loribugher (462)

One way to gain self-confidence is to make a list of things that you are good at, and not so good at. Decide which one you want to work on. You can focus on the things that you are good at to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

The typical advice is "fake it until you make it." It's not terrible advice. If you're feeling anxious about a situation (a social situation for instance) no one will notice if you act confident and smile. When people react well (or neutrally) to you, you will start to feel less anxious and therefore more confident.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

Self confidence can be enhanced by using positive affirmations and changing the negative internal self-talk most of us have a tendency to engage in. In addition, there are a number of powerful mediations, such as picturing oneself receiving a standing ovation from a crowd that can assist in self-confidence.


Answer by  JP98 (57)

One way that you can gain self-confidence is by noticing the things that you do well and being sure to praise yourself for these achievements. Often times the only way to really gain confidence is to put yourself in situations that are tough and working through them successfully.

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