Question by  artilallonline (48)

How can I freeze pears in freezer bags without cooking them?


Answer by  georgiagirl (261)

i would put the pears in a ziplock freezer bag, and add a little water to the bag and then freeze them.


Answer by  jenshady (139)

Yes, you can definetly freeze pears without cooking them, however you may want to sprinkle some kind of commercial product on them or something citric before putting them into freezer bags to keep them from turning brown. It is not neccessary to cook them as long as you preserve them that way beforehand.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

Try using an apple corer, this removesthe cores and segments the fruit. Immediately place pears in water adding lemon juice, which prevents browning. Drain pears then place in bags.

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