Question by  stphaniecostello (159)

How can I fix bald spots in my lawn?


Answer by  embockjr (709)

The ground should be broken up, mix a little lime and fertilizer in the soil, and racked into a nice level condition. Now add grass seed, rerake, and now add a little peat moss over the grass seed. You should now water the patch and hope for the best.


Answer by  pinky (45)

First buy grass seed that matches your lawn type. Second you want to pull weeds and dead grass from the ruined area of lawn. Next spread compost on the area to prepare it for seeding. Spread the grass seed over the composted area. Cover the area with hay and water.


Answer by  cutiebee15hotmailcom (129)

Try buying some grass seed thats mixed with that green cotton-like material or that comes in sheets. This way birds have a harder time getting to the seeds. If you get the sheet type you can simply cut it to fit the shape of the bald spot, place it down and water it regularly (unless its a rainy day)


Answer by  Anonymous

how can i fix yellow spots in my lawn from dog urine

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duh, get ride of the problem.. "the dog"  add a comment
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