Question by  knoll2000 (1)

How can I find a reprint of a 1981 article in EQUUS magazine? Issue 42, page 20

It is Issue 42, page 20. My sister wrote it and I'd like to give her a copy for her 70th birthday. Any help is appreciated.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Any larger library should have back issues on hand, either microfiche or bound. Phone first. The magazine is still publishing; call 877-717-8928 to start your research on how to get a copy of the article.

posted by Anonymous
I'm really having no luck. Our library does not have issues of EQUUS that far back. The phone number answerer sent me to a defunct website. EQUUS doesn't answer my emails. Horse & Rider sends me to call centers. I need someone IN EQUUS corporate. offices off  add a comment
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