Question by  chiko (7)

How can I find a list of singing agents?

I am a very good singer and want an agent.


Answer by  djcwoman37 (373)

There are many singing agents out there to choose from. It is fairly easy to find them on the internet. However, before you actually get an agent, you'll need to make sure to have a resume attached to a head shot of you. A good cover letter is also impressive.

posted by Anonymous
I agree internet is probably the best but how would a person know if there not just going to lose there money to some one? i also want to be a singer.  add a comment

Answer by  mogihumtusin1 (71)

Try entering lot of singing competition. Like any agent in sport or other, the agent always search for new recruit through competition or gigs. It could be you lucky day if the agent saw you singing on stage. Good luck!


Answer by  prochi (43)

just go up to your local theatre and ask any of the people working there to refer you to a trustworthy agent

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