dental care


Question by  bkcoffee1 (2)

How can I find a free dentist?

I am without insurance and do not have a ton of money to spend.


Answer by  Tammy2075 (133)

You should check with your local department of health. They should have some contacts or resources for you on either reduced or free dental care. Another place to look is your county career center, thier dental assistant program will have days that residents can come in for free cleanings as a way for the students to practice.


Answer by  sharon63 (520)

Some states provide free dental care or dental care for emergencies only to those who meet income eligibility guidelines. Check with your department of health and human services to see if you qualify. Another option would be to check with the health department or with dental schools that may do your work for free.


Answer by  tabish20 (50)

If you want to know a free dentist you can call to your city's health department, who can help you in finding the dentist at free or at less fees. Check your local newspaper, where you can find free health camps or fairs.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You could call your social services and ask. A lot of teaching hospitals will do the work for very little money to help train new dentists. If you don't like these ideas, maybe a local dentist will let you pay monthly for services.


Answer by  belle2714 (361)

Check to see if a dental school is in your area. You usually only have to pay for the supplies which will save a ton of money. The work is done by students with a teacher looking on and helping.


Answer by  inerjeam (2)

I recieve ssi and my insurance does not cover going to the dentist and I need help BAD


Answer by  jchinadoll (1)

I am a college student with no insurance, I need a dentist that will assist me with a low cost to fix a tooth


Answer by  Anonymous

I am disable and really dont have a lot of money and need my parchell fix need help in st louis.

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