dental care


Question by  jarclark (1)

How can I find a dentist who treats low income seniors?

I have only Social Security.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

I would call around your local dentist and ask if they have a payment plan or know or any other dentist that are low cost. Most dentist are willing to work with patients on cost or payments to help.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

Contact your community health center. Also, you could contact local dentists as a lot of them offer discount to seniors. They may even suggest a payment plan where you could pay monthly.


Answer by  Tommy77 (49)

As always, the internet is your best bet. If you go online and simply search for dentists who treat low income seniors, many pages will come up of doctors that fit that billing.


Answer by  Snichole (195)

I would consult with your county/city's health board for refferals and information. I would also contact a dentist finder or referral line and ask.

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