Question by  CHatch (21)

How can I experience Astral Travel?

I am not sure I believe it can be done.


Answer by  Melinda13 (13)

It can be done, it takes belief and concentration. First learn to relax, the best time to try astral travel is that point between being awake and asleep. Picture in your mind where you want to visit. Stay close to home first, you don't want to travel too far until you know how to get home.


Answer by  safnme3 (179)

Close your eyes and focus in an mediative state. Free your mind make sure you have no thoughts at all and think very hard about the place you want to go. If you practice this you will eventually reach your desired results of astral travel. It is a wonderful experiance.


Answer by  ryanleatherman (78)

Before you can astral travel, you must be asleep first and deep in dream land, because you will leave your body and travel easily.


Answer by  Brian94588 (304)

Many people have had success with a technique called "hemi-sync", which involves listening to carefully-designed audio files and watching flashing lights. The intent of these is to place the mind into an altered state to allow astral travel to take place.

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