Question by  John88 (34)

How can I eliminate centipedes?

They are everywhere in my basement and coming up into the house!


Answer by  river (1226)

There's a chemical called Drion you can put in areas where you see them. Keep your house dry they thrive in a moist environment a dehumidifier helps, also sticky traps.


Answer by  hosneymaruf (182)

You can eliminate centipedes by killing of capture them, getting rid of other small household pests (as a result they move to other place), keeping house dry, using sticky traps along the floorboards, closing off entrance points.


Answer by  t123 (520)

There are several ways: you can get use insecticides or poison, get rid of their food source (termites, cockroaches), keep your house dry, seal entry ways, or hire a professional.

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