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Question by  Mark88 (38)

How can I determine the component location in a Ford F150?

I am troubleshooting an electrical problem.


Answer by  oddflash (902)

The owners manual or any good repair manual such as Chiltons or Haynes will have a diagram of the location of almost all of the components that you are testing for.


Answer by  B28 (46)

First I would look to see the fuse box to see if any fuses have blown. If they have reset them. If that does not solve it then I would try and determine what is wrong and then work from there.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Chiltons manuals are a great reference tool for locating specific locations. There are several troubleshooting websites on the internet specific to ford trucks that may also be helpful. Another good resource is to research the part itself many websites such as parts have diagrams that identify location as well as a picture of the part.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The easiest way would be to buy a repair manual. It should be able to tell and sometimes show you where a component is located.


Answer by  shaktisingh (14)

Please look electric connection under the dash near the rear mirror, then check the connection if still not working then try behind the door panels. If still not working check batteries, batteries behind headlights. If problem still exists then please try, repair manual or try to consult best repair mechanic.


Answer by  7david7 (55)

Get a manual and look it up in the index. There are a few aftermarket books and of course the dealer manual. Everything is under the dash, behind a panel or inside the engine bay.


Answer by  bb300 (110)

have a mechanic check the system with a scanner. a scanner connects with the onboard computer and searches out the problem.

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