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Question by  polwilder (48)

How can I cure an upset stomach from a hangover?

Please only include remedies that you have tried that have worked for you.


Answer by  jamiew (61)

Peppermint is known to settle the stomach sometimes faster than an antacid pill. Whenever I feel sick the next morning from a hangover I make myself some hot peppermint tea. Right away I notice my nausea beginning to decrease. Most of the time it only takes one cup of peppermint tea to make me feel better.


Answer by  lou (792)

Generally, the miserable feeling you get from a hangover is caused by dehydration. Alcohol dehydrates the body, therefore it is important to replace the fluids in your body. Try drinking non-acidic juices, mineral water or chamomile tea. You can also try eating chicken soup or menudo.


Answer by  turker68 (93)

Most hangovers are caused by dehydration. If you have a jar of pickles, drink pickle juice! It contains the salt and minerals to help rehydrate and relieve hangover symptoms.


Answer by  sharon4595 (650)

The best remedy is time. You can try the hair of the dog... that is just have a small amount of your normal drink. Besides that its pepto-bismal and asprin.


Answer by  MichyInABox (5)

Consuming a lot of ginger will help cure a stomach ache. You can buy ginger ale soda, ginger capsules from whole food stores, or make yourself some ginger tea.


Answer by  mnielsen01 (360)

I have found that over the counter dramamine, tums works great. You can get generic versions for less money. If that does not help, try not to drink as much next time.

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