Question by  mintysweet7 (15)

How can I cool down an overheated bulldog?


Answer by  trinkle (60)

All dogs are at risk of overheating because they don't sweat, they have to control their temperature by panting. Bulldogs are especially at risk because of their short snouts. If your bulldog overheats, cover him in cool damp towels and place him under a fan or air conditioner. You can also rub ice on him.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

The best way is to avoid long walks in the heat. Other then that you could use a spray bottle full of water and mist the dog when they are showing signs of overheating. They also make things to put around the animals neck, you freeze them when they are not in use.


Answer by  nandhu (104)

place the dog under fan or air-conditioner. Place the dog in tepid water in critical situations and then call a veterinarian.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Give the dog cool water not cold and careful how much it drinks dogs sweat through their lungs and if the water is to cold it can go into shock.


Answer by  Anonymous

if your dog overheats, take care to cool him slowly and keep him calm. An overheated dog who is excited can be a fatal combination. Apply ice packs or cool with a hose, and have him rest in front of a fan.

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