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Question by  Craig58 (24)

How can I control my dreams?


Answer by  tammy23 (55)

The best way to control your dreams is to concentrate on something specific before you fall asleep. Also i've found that things you are anxious about or unresolved issues tend to enter your mind during sleep so a good idea is to do a relaxing activity before bed.


Answer by  daniellelumpkin (75)

You have to start by realizing that you are dreaming. Write down your dreams as soon as you awake. Include as many details as you can. The next time you have that dream you will recognize that you are dreaming. Then you can begin to control your dreams.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

Dreams will often reflect what you've been worrying about or spending a lot of time on during the day, especially right before you go to sleep. Try meditation before bedtime.

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