Question by  Tanya69 (13)

How can I contact the Lionel Train corporation in NY?

I have a story they might like to hear.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Although it has many dealers in New York, Lionel Trains is based in Michigan. The company has a website with a comprehensive customer service section. The website also offers email contact information for a variety of its division. You can also contact the company by mail: Lionel LLC, Customer Service, 26750 Twenty-Three Mile Road, Chesterfield, Michigan 48051-1956.


Answer by  BusinessQuestions (42)

Great Questions an d depending on the story you will tell will dictate who you should call. So lets say the story is positive and you have glowing reviews about the Railroaders Club call 586-949-4100. However, if you really want to make an impact with your story send a letter to Lionel LLC 26750 Twenty-Three Mile Road Chesterfield, Michigan 48051-1956


Answer by  CP (232)

Try going online and finding a website, usually they will have some type of contact information for its customers and users to contact them for whatever situation they may be in or need as in your case.


Answer by  fpc (23)

There is no way to contact the Lionel Train Corporation any longer. This company is no longer in business. I conducted research per the internet and found they ended business in 1993.


Answer by  jennjenn (91)

They have an online site where you could submit your story under the "contact us" section. Otherwise, their mailing address is actually: Lionel LLC Customer Service 26750 Twenty-Three Mile Road Chesterfield, Michigan 48051-1956

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