Question by  Michael85 (17)

How can I care for broken toes on a bearded dragon?


Answer by  Eve (34)

Sometimes bearded dragons, they will suffer from a calcium deficiency. Are you giving calcium supplements or dusting the crickets before feeding? Calcium deficiency will cause bumps and look broken. Raise the temp 2 degrees in the tank. There's not a cast/meds you can give. Hope your little guy feels better!


Answer by  Stephen75 (160)

Broken toes are very common on bearded dragons as well as other reptiles with these type of feet, especially if they presently or were previously housed with other reptiles. During feeding and other activities reptiles will often but not intentionally remove their neighbors toes while reaching for an insect.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

For the most part broken toes on a bearded dragon can not be medicated at home. The bearded dragon needs to be taken to a vet with experience with reptiles. There are very few of these in any area so ask around about the vets quality. Most likly the vet will amputate the broken toes.

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