Question by  mrbixby (35)

How can I be sure that snorkel gear is safe?


Answer by  Terry (104)

The best, and safest way would certainly be to buy the gear, at a reputable snokle gear supplier. Then find a swimming pool and you will be able to check the gear without a chance of drowning. If you are unable to find a pool, then a bathtub should do the trick, also!


Answer by  Chrisme (94)

Test it by submerging it into water face down or you could test it in a bath tub. Make sure you buy brand products that you know because some cheat products make be ,made with harmful material and are more likely to have defects overtime or are not friendly with salt water.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

Purchase your gear from a well known scuba dealer, stick to a well known brand, and perhaps contact a member of a local dive club and ask for advice. Know what to expect with snorkel gear and give the equipment a tryout under safe, well controlled, conditions. A recommended class in snorkeling would also be advised.


Answer by  Sam65 (198)

Since all that snorkel gear allows (as opposed to SCUBA gear) is the ability to look down underwater while being right below the surface, just test it in water.

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