Question by  trinibabe00 (16)

How can I alleviate my allergies while running?


Answer by  gummie (738)

Many people choose to run inside a building, such as a shopping mall or gymnasium. These usually have good air circulation. Don't run outside during high pollen alerts.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

The washer needs replacing in the cistern where the ball-cock is. It only cost a few cents for a washer.


Answer by  Kris (797)

To avoid feeling lethargic during exercise, eschew antihistamines and try using a neti pot or a sinus rinse bottle instead. Rinse your sinuses shortly before you leave for best results.


Answer by  Crystal47 (59)

The best way to keep your allergies from bothering you while running is to take some medication beforehand and give it time to get into your system before your run.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

I recently talked to my doctor about my allergies, as I'm out side all the time, they're very bad. She told me to try either Claritin or Zantak before taking any serious steps. You can find both at Costco, RiteAide, and I'm sure the local Drug Store.

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